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Did you hear about the Creeper-only party?
Do you hear about the Minecraft movie?
How do Minecraft players avoid sunburn?
How do Minecraft players celebrate?
How do minecraft players kill skeletons?
How do you make people change direction in Minecraft?
How does Steve measure his house?

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How good is Minecraft?
What did Steve say to his girlfriend?
What did Steve say when he was angry at a skeleton?
What did the Minecraft turkey say?
What did the zombie say to the villager?
What do Australian Creepers use to hunt?
What is a creeper’s favorite subject?
What is a pigman’s favorite cereal?
What is the national sport of Minecraft?
What kind of music does gold nuggets listen to?
What kind of parties do Minecraft players have?
What video game do gold hunters love to play?
Where did the ghast go for his holiday?
Why aren’t there cars in Minecraft?
Why can’t the Ender Dragon read a book?
Why couldn’t the creeper blow Steve up?
Why did the Creeper cross the road?
Why did the Enderman cross the road?
Why is the enderdragon bad at reading?

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