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Welcome to Jokes for kids

Here you will find great collection of friendly, funny, silly and corny jokes for kids of all ages, teens and adults who do not want to grow up. This funny collection of friendly and good jokes, riddles and puns are clean and safe for children of all ages. Kids will laugh out loud when they hear these funny jokes! LoL!


Random jokes

Why do watermelons have fancy weddings?
Why did the snowman go to the doctor?
Where does a spy sleep?
What did the little boy take his bicycle to bed with him?
What show do ducks like to see every holiday season?

Latest 5 jokes

What is a butterfly’s favorite subject at school?
What is a math teacher’s favorite sum?
Why did the boy sprinkle sugar on his pillow before he went to sleep?
Why do abcdefghijklmopqrstuvwxy & z hate hanging out with the letter n?
How do you impress a baker when you’re taking his daughter on a date?